Parks Canada announces fee adjustments for 2020

    January 15, 2019

    Agency also launches public consultation on fees for optional value-added programs and services

    Canadians love to spend time in the outdoors, exploring nature and discovering our rich history. Parks Canada manages an extensive world-class system of protected natural and cultural heritage areas where Canadians, and people from around the globe, can go to experience the best that Canada has to offer. Parks Canada is committed to providing visitors with high-quality experiences.

    Today, Parks Canada announced three updates to user fees, beginning in 2020. The first is a minor fee adjustment of 2.2% to Parks Canada fees, based on the Consumer Price Index and in accordance with the Government of Canada Service Fees Act. For example, Adult day passes will increase less than 40 cents; overnight full-service campsite admissions will increase less than 80 cents; annual Family/Group Discovery Pass will increase less than $3. Fees were last adjusted in 2008 and since then operational costs have increased significantly. These small adjustments will allow Parks Canada to offer visitors even better opportunities to connect with nature and learn about our environment and history.

    Second, due to a significant increase in their visitor offer in recent years, and to align with Parks Canada's national pricing model, admission fees at 24 national parks and historic sites will be adjusted, beginning January 1, 2020. Admission fees are based on the number of hours a visitor typically spends on-site and the level of service provided to visitors including the availability and variety of programs, services, and facilities. These adjustments reflect the current visitor offer provided by these places.

    Visitor fees are reinvested in the parks and sites where they are collected and used to support programs, services, and facilities, and engage visitors in conservation efforts. Fees make up only about 20% of Parks Canada's operating budget and never exceed the costs of delivering the service. Parks Canada is committed to ensuring that visitor experiences are affordable for all Canadians. The Agency is communicating these January 1, 2020 adjustments now to ensure that visitors and those that work in tourism can plan well in advance.

    Finally, in order to ensure that Parks Canada always provides exceptional visitor experiences, the Agency has launched a public consultation on fees for optional value-added services and amenities like guided tours and programs, transit services, special event permits, golf, and access to hot springs. This feedback will help inform future pricing decisions to ensure a fair fee for services that offer a high-value benefit for visitors. It is important to note that fees for admission, lockage and mooring, accommodation, or businesses licenses will not be considered as part of this engagement process. Any changes resulting from this public engagement would not be implemented until 2021.

    Canadians are encouraged to share their views online by February 15, 2019

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