Statement by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada regarding allegations relating to prosecutor's conduct

    July 6, 2018

    The Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) is aware of allegations relating to the conduct of some prosecutors in its Ontario Regional Office (ORO).These allegations were made by counsel for Ms. Leora Shemesh in the context of a recent abuse of process application.

    The PPSC takes these allegations extremely seriously. The PPSC has launched a review of events in the ORO, which will be conducted by Mr. Robert Prior, an experienced former prosecutor and retired Chief Federal Prosecutor of the PPSC's British Columbia Regional Office. Mr. Prior will report on his findings directly to the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions.

    The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is a national organization responsible for prosecuting offences under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is free of any improper influence and that respects the public interest. The PPSC is also responsible for providing prosecution-related advice to law enforcement agencies across Canada.

    Public Prosecution Service Canada