Shareholders Urged to Hold Directors Accountable for Poor Share Price Performance. Vote AGAINST Incumbent Directors at Crescent Point Energy, Cineplex, Cenovus Energy and Hudson’s Bay

    April 3, 2018

    Shareholders have suffered devastating share value losses largely under the current boards and management of companies such Crescent Point, Cineplex, Hudson’s Bay and Cenovus Energy. Investors, particularly institutional shareholders, must send clear signal and hold these boards accountable for the poor leadership and failed strategies that have resulted in significant share price underperformance.

    Without accountability, these boards will continue to show no regard for shareholders. Investors have a duty to safeguard their investments and exercise their right to reject underperforming boards.

    About Accountability Capital
    Accountability Capital is the leading active investment company in Canada. Our objective is to drive positive results by engaging boards and managements, and working to change the leadership of underperforming companies, when necessary. We believe there are too many directors who fail in their number one priority which is to work for the benefit of shareholders and to increase shareholder value in a timely manner. Entrenched, inept and arrogant directors often enable poor strategy or execution by management and lead to share price destruction.

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