Competition Bureau reaches settlement with Leon's and The Brick in advertising case

    February 21, 2018

    The Competition Bureau worked cooperatively with Leon's and The Brick to reach an agreement regarding concerns over its advertising of financing plans. This agreement brings an end to the legal proceedings launched by the Bureau.

    As part of the settlement, Leon's and The Brick have agreed to each donate $750,000 worth of home furnishings over two years to charities in Canada.

    The companies have also agreed to adhere to the Bureau's guidance on the proper use of disclaimers in advertising and the disclosure of fees associated with their financing plans.

    The Bureau calls on all businesses selling furniture, appliances and electronics, to review their marketing practices, particularly as they relate to financing plans. The Bureau will continue to monitor advertising in this area.

    When possible, the Bureau prefers to resolve matters without the use of lengthy and costly litigation.

    Competition Bureau