Is Your Service Provider or Customer on AvaiNu App?

    August 29, 2017

    Avainu app makes you and your service provider much more efficient and productive.

    Avainu (pronounced 'avenue') means Available Now! Avainu is an innovative platform app that brings together service demand and supply in real time. When you need a service, look it up first on your Avainu app to see who is available and book appointment instantly.

    Service providers who are not on Avainu app are missing opportunity to get more customers and earn more income.

    In addition to helping service customers and service providers get what they want, which is real-time, availability and location-based booking solution, it can also pay to use the app - the 5th booking on the app can get you up to $50 credit for the service.

    Download and sign up for the Avainu app and get your service providers/customers on the app today!

    AvaiNu is changing how we search, find and book appointments with service providers. Whether you have an urgent need, traveling away from home or simply have some downtime and want to be productive, you can get things done instantly by finding currently available, nearby service professionals on the Avainu app.