Wildfire situation in British Columbia: Reinforces the importance of the FireSmart program and taking proactive measures to reduce the risk of wildfire and other hazards

    July 12, 2017

    FireSmart Canada's thoughts are with residents and firefighters who are working tirelessly to protect communities in British Columbia, as wildfires burn out of control throughout the province. With warm and dry weather conditions forecasted to continue over the next several weeks, this situation reinforces the importance of taking proactive measures to reduce the risk of wildfire and other hazards.

    The wildfire situation in British Columbia serves as a reminder for residents to review their home ignition zone. The home ignition zone – including the condition of the house and its immediate surroundings and other structures, such as garages, decks, porches, or fences that come in contact with the house – is what determines a home's susceptibility to ignition during a wildfire.

    Some simple steps for making your home ignition zone a deterrent to wildfire progress are:

    - Remove leaves, pine needles, and other combustible debris from your roof and gutters.
    - Clear all dead plants, leaves, and weeds within 10 metres of your home. Maintain a 1.5 metre noncombustible zone around your home and deck by sweeping or raking down to mineral soil, rock or concrete.
    - Mow grass and weeds within 10 metres of the house to 10 centimetres in length, or less.
    - Move combustible items such as toys, patio furniture, cushions, decorative items, firewood, and potted plants, that are on and under your deck and within 10 metres of your home. Move all combustible items into your home or garage.
    - Propane tanks should be moved to 10 metres away from structures. Remove weeds and other debris from area around large stationary propane tanks.

    Visit the FireSmart Canada website for additional resources and information on the actions you can take to protect your property from wildfire.

    About FireSmart Canada
    FireSmart Canada is the go-to national program committed to helping Canadians reduce their wildfire risk and become fire adapted through community-based solutions. FireSmart is administered by Partners in Protection Association; a non-profit coalition of federal, provincial, first nations', private industry and municipal fire, emergency experts. FireSmart provides tools for Canadians to become pro-active in reducing the risk of wildfire to their homes and communities.

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