New App (AvaiNu) enables service providers to maximise their revenues and minimize downtime. Download Today!

    March 5, 2017

    Virtually all service professionals worldwide struggle with lack of bookings, appointment cancellations, gaps in their calendar and sporadic work. Downtime means no income.
    The old adage “time is money” couldn’t be more true in their case as there is no revenue when there is no client. A new app for smart phones helps service providers eliminate or minimize downtime.

    AvaiNu is innovative, unique, availability-based quick booking platform. Avainu instantly enables the user to find currently available service provider and book appointment on the app. Avainu also enables the service providers to let clients know when they have availability. By using this app, everyone can maximize their time. This is critically important as most of us cannot afford to waste time. Indeed, time is money.

    The iOS is available now from the Apple app store. Android version will be available later this month. Avainu is free to use. Download it today.

    About AvaiNu App

    AvaiNu means Available Now. AvaiNu is changing how we search, find and book appointments with service providers. Whether you have an urgent need, are travelling away from home or simply have some downtime and want to be productive, you can get things done instantly by finding currently available, nearby service professionals on the Avainu app.

    AviaNu is also real-time booking app for virtually all services. You can find available service providers or book appointments using the AvaiNu app on your smart phone. This innovative platform helps you get things done when and where you need it. If you are a service professional (whether in healthcare, home, auto or personal care services) AvaiNu enables you to maximize income and time, minimize downtime. Let clients find and book you on AvaiNu. Download Avainu today from the App Store and get busy!

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