How to be Efficient: Download AvaiNu app Today

    December 19, 2016

    All service professionals and service consumers, in other words, everyone needs to have AvaiNu on their mobile phone. AvaiNu is the ultimate app for searching, finding and booking with available, nearby service provider in real-time. This location and availability based, innovative platform helps everyone be more productive and efficient. Moreover, AvaiNu enables all service providers (healthcare, personal care, home, auto and other professionals) virtually anywhere in the world maximize their time and income, and minimize downtime, commented Patrick Carleton, Founder & CEO.

    AvaiNu is free to download and available today for iPhone users. Android users will be able to enjoy AvaiNu soon.

    Ask your service provider and clients: are you on AvaiNu?


    AvaiNu means Available Now. AvaiNu is changing how we search, find and book appointments with service providers.

    AviaNu is real-time booking app for virtually all services. You can find currently available service provider or book appointments using AvaiNu app on your mobile phone. This innovative platform helps you get things done when and where you need. If you are a service professional (whether in healthcare, home, auto or personal care services) AvaiNu enables you to maximise income and time. Let clients find and book you on AvaiNu.