OIC Helps Medium Sized Companies Reduce Cost and Focus on Core Business through Outsourcing in Canada

    October 16, 2016

    Increasingly, managements and boards, especially those in medium-sized organizations are looking for ways to manage their cost and reduce G&A expenses. In slow economy where revenue growth is severely challenged, organizations need to be efficient and smart. OiC Professional Services provides them opportunity to outsource locally any or all of their G&A and other non-core activities. Every CEO and executive is now one click or phone call away from being able to benefit from outsourcing right here in Canada. Visit us at or call 403-466-0344.

    About OiC Professional Services Corp.

    OiC is the leading outsourcing in Canada solutions provider. Based in Alberta, OiC Professional Services enables organizations in North America to outsource non-core activities and any or all G&A functions including accounting, HR, marketing, property and project management, and much more. Because of its expertise and economies of scale, OiC can help any organization reduce its cost significantly and focus on its core business.

    OiC Professional Services Corp.