The deadline for submitting a notice of intention under the Voluntary Reimbursement Program is November 1, 2016

    October 5, 2016

    The deadline for submitting a notice of intention under the Voluntary Reimbursement Program, in order to repay any amount improperly paid in connection with the awarding or management of a public contract over the last 20 years, is November 1, 2016. As a result, enterprises and individuals have less than four weeks left to file a notice of intention with the Program Director's office.

    "We have almost reached the deadline for taking advantage of the Program, and negotiations with enterprises that have made a proposal are advancing rapidly. In accordance with the Program, the total amount recovered will be announced 60 days after the Program expires in November 2017," said the Honourable François Rolland, Director of the Voluntary Reimbursement Program.

    So far a number of companies have taken advantage of the Program. Some have made their participation public in order to obtain a general discharge. The Voluntary Reimbursement Program, which came into force on November 2, 2015, was created by the Act to ensure mainly the recovery of amounts improperly paid as a result of fraud or fraudulent tactics in connection with public contracts and is based on best practices in the field of participatory justice. The Program offers a win-win situation and ensures that taxpayers recover any overpayment made.

    It is also important to note that the Program is self-funding, and therefore cost-neutral for taxpayers. A lump-sum amount of 10% of the amount of each settlement must be paid in to the Program by an enterprise or individual that reimburses a public body.

    For more details on the Program or to view the list of enterprises whose participation in the program has been made public, go to the website

    Bureau de l'administrateur du programme de re