National Energy Board releases Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure

    April 27, 2016

    The National Energy Board (NEB) today released its new Confidential Disclosure (Whistleblower) Procedure, which will provide the NEB with a formalized way to receive, track and handle confidential disclosures with respect to activities at NEB regulated pipelines and facilities.

    The procedure will lead to a new online anonymous reporting tool and mechanism for confidential communication with tipsters. Based on a wide review of best practices, it also establishes roles within the NEB responsible for guarding the security and confidentiality of the disclosure and assessing the information received to determine follow-up actions.

    The NEB has long encouraged the reporting of non-compliances associated with regulated companies. The refinement of the NEB's internal processes for the receipt and assessment of confidential disclosures will help verify that companies are complying with regulations and support a robust process to address the increased volume of reports over the past two years.

    The procedure also provides that follow up on disclosures will continue to use established NEB compliance and enforcement tools.

    National Energy Board